Mexican Day of the Dead or dia de los muertos art

Let’s gain some insights about the occasion and what it is all about. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is celebrated during October-November and it is a holiday in Mexico during this time. Mexicans remember and honor their close departed souls where they visit cemeteries, decorate the graves and spend some time there. Families maintain a clean grave and put decorations during the three day period celebrations. So, what is the decor all about? Some of the major decors and accessories available at Mexican Day of the Dead or dia de los muertos art are all artistic representations of skulls. It includes candle holder, beaded skull necklace, beaded sugar skull purse, tin mirror, wood frida figure, wood mariachi figure, wood skull with mirror eyes, etc. Many other items related to the celebration are available at the Bazaar del Mundo shops online.

Most widely known Calaveras are used that are created with cane sugar and decorations with items such as colored foil, icing, beads, and feather are done. All of the whimsical skulls and skeletons represent the life after death and is a symbol of those who have died engaging in their favourite activities.
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