Brown Leather High Back Equipale Chair & Zapotec Pillow-Red Multi


Price: $240.00, $65.00

Description: This equipale chair is the epitome of rustic Mexican furniture. This handmade chair is crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cedar strips. It is durable and comfortable. Perfect for your home bar, patio or family room. Equipale furniture will create a Southwest or rustic atmosphere with classic and authentic Mexican charm.

This high back chair measures 24” wide and 38” high.

The ideal accessory is this Zapotec woven pillow. Made from a Zapotec weaving which is created one at a time by hand. Woven on a loom like Native American rugs, they are very high quality. Beautiful, warm, colorful wool is used to create these Zapotec pillows to make any room come to life with the rich texture of rustic style and a western touch.

Each pillow has a 100% wool front and a neutral fabric on the back.

Measures 18”x 13.5”.

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